About Me

One of my earliest memories is sitting with my dad, paintbrush in hand, painting. I must have been all of three years old. I believe I held a paintbrush long before a pen or pencil.

Like many people I took art at ‘O’ level where I drew, painted in watercolour and learnt how to design and screen print material. At ‘A’ level I continued to draw and paint and also to silk screen print but this time onto paper.

At teacher’s training college I took art as my main subject and after my foundation year was over I spent two years working with sculpture.

After college I taught primary children and so art became one of many subjects but on a personal level I learnt to glass engrave and for several years taught glass engraving at an adult education centre. I also rented part of a glass importer’s shop where I took orders and sold my engravings. During this time I spent many weekends at craft fairs throughout England where I displayed, demonstrated engraving and sold my work.

In 2010 a friend persuaded me to go with her to an ‘art for fun’ group and I rediscovered my love of painting and in particular watercolour.

To refresh my skills I went on to do a Diploma in Watercolour with the London Art College and in 2014 was awarded a Distinction.

I enjoyed being stretched by doing the diploma and so when that ended I took a Certificate in Coloured Pencil which also culminated in my being awarded a Distinction. At some point during the course I fell I need love with Coloured Pencils and it is these I now use more than any other medium.

I paint once a week with Bandon Art Group where we have occasional workshops and exhibitions but mainly enjoy meeting up, sharing ideas and helping each other to develop our skills and techniques.

I try and paint or draw as often as possible although there are some days and even weeks where this doesn’t work out. When you are really enjoying something though you do tend to find the time.



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