Derwent Procolour Review part 2

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In my first review for Procolour I was a bit unsure about them and so a little ‘on the fence’. I decided the small trial I gave them was unfair and so when I took the photo of a squirrel hogging the bird food I knew this was going to be a fairer test. I also wanted to see how they worked when used with Polychromos and Luminance and again this piece would give me chance to find out.

I made the decision before I began to use the Procolour for the background as I wanted the soft, less vivid effect here, and to use the Polychromos for the squirrel. Luminance as usual would be used when I needed either the colour or the effect of them.

img_7793 This was early on and the Procolour were used for the wood at the back and also the seeds and floor. The blue at the front was where the Luminance came in.

img_7800 I found the Procolour perfect for the wood and floor. They went on easily, blended well and kept the softness of colour I was looking for. The only problem I had was that the pencils seemed to soak into the paper support overnight and I was needing to add additional layers the next day. I was working on Stonehenge and know I am not the only person to experience this with Stonehenge so am pretty sure it was the paper and not the pencils. This is not a support I usually use and would be slow to use it again to be honest.

 I continued throughout Procolour on the background, Polychromos on the squirrel and mainly Procolour with some Polychromos and Luminance on the floor.

 I am delighted with the finished piece and in how the Procolour performed. I think like all pencils it is fitness for purpose and here they suited my purpose perfectly giving me exactly the result I was hoping for when I purchased them.

I am now looking forward to using them alongside my other pencils in the future.


An experiment

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imageI’ve been away for the last four weeks but before I went I had begun experimenting with a watercolour under painting and then working with colour pencil on top.

The background here is watercolour, some over drawn with colour pencil and the butterfly is 100% colour pencil as I wanted it to pop.

It certainly cut down the time I needed to spend working on the background but the watercolour paper, which I had thought was hot pressed and so smooth, may well be, my mistake, cold pressed and so has proved quite soft and springy to work on.

This is still not quite finished but I wanted to share it in its almost complete state. As usual I am finding it hard to decide how much more, if anything, it needs before I stop.

I will try this approach again in the future but will double check the paper I am using first.

Cheetah – the finished piece: coloured or colored pencil

Colored Pencil, coloured pencil, Wildlife



I decided not to do anything with the background as I felt the colour of the paper and the fur were enough in the end.

I would say this is around 30 hrs of work in total. As it is my first animal portrait in coloured pencil I’m actually quite pleased with it.

Clicking on the image will bring up an enlarged image for you to see




Cheetah – stage 8

Colored Pencil, coloured pencil, Wildlife


I’ve been looking at this now and wondering if I should attempt a background or not. In some ways it would be nice to help the fur stand out by using a contrasting colour behind but in other ways I don’t want to lose what is there.

There is still more work to do here as there is fur to complete so I can decide later.

Cheetah – stage 6

Colored Pencil, coloured pencil, Wildlife


I am finding the fur and the markings a little overwhelming at the moment. I think I have been too close to it and so need to step back. It’s difficult to get the structure in without going too dark too soon.

Cheetah – stage five

Colored Pencil, coloured pencil, Wildlife


Apologies for the light reflecting on this. There was obviously more sunshine than I realised 🙂

I can see not that this is beginning to take shape a little more. There are so many colours in the cheetahs fur that I have over half my pencils out of their boxes and in containers so I can grab them quickly.

Cheetah – stage 4

Colored Pencil, coloured pencil, Wildlife


As the sense of depth is beginning to build as I add layers of colour I am starting to be happier with how this is going now.

This is the first time I have worked on tinted paper and I am finding it very soft in comparison with the Bockingford HP that I usually use. It’s all good experience though.

Cheetah Stage 3

Art, Colored Pencil, coloured pencil, Wildlife



This is is the third stage of my cheetah. It’s not the same way I’ve worked before as I felt I needed to block in some of the white, the features and then start in on the fur to see where I was going. I’m not happy with this yet as there isn’t enough depth so need to step back, look at what is happening and decide where to go next.

Working in coloured/colored pencils is really teaching me to be patient 🙂

Cheetah stage 2

Colored Pencil, coloured pencil, Wildlife

I’m feeling my way with this as it is the first time I have worked on a wild animal in any medium yet alone coloured pencils. I’ve read just about everything going on how to produce animal fur but as I learn by doing not by reading I’m really trying things out as I go along.


I prefer to work a tiny area at a time but felt I needed to block in as much white as possible to give me a framework and ensure I don’t end up with too little white fur.

I also am a bit stuck here as one of the pencils I believe I need I have had to send back to be replaced as it keeps breaking on me. Hopefully it will come soon.