Slowly does it

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The problem with coloured pencil work is that it is very slow, or at least it is for me. With watercolour I can work relatively quickly although I do have to be patient and wait for the paint to dry when working in layers but even that is fast compare to coloured pencils.

I do love coloured pencils though even if it can take an hour or two to complete about 5-10cm on some days.

When I began working with them I hated the pace I was forced to work at, the patience I needed escaped me, until that is I found myself immersed in the work, lost in what I was doing, totally at peace, absorbed and meditative as I worked. What frustrated me once is what I now love.

I also love the way the colours mix on the paper, how layering gives both depth and colour in a way that doesn’t happen with paint. The way a colour is built up of many other colours still fascinates me and has altered the way I look at colour, I believe forever. No longer can I look at white for example without seeing blues, pinks, mauves and sometimes green and yellow.

I haven’t posted here for a while because I was working on a present for friends, and as its of their grandchildren I still don’t feel it’s appropriate to share it anywhere. I then spent the last week trying to get the final piece for my Colour Pencil Certificate underway enough to share. It’s going ok but still doesn’t look like anything so I’m going to wait until it does and then will share a couple of work in progress with as far as I’ve got….so watch this space.