A dark day’s work

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A chilly, wet, miserable day so I set up my daylight lamp and continued working slowly on the piece of work I mentioned yesterday.

I’m reaching a point where I had something to share and knowing how much I enjoy seeing how other people work am happy to post something that has the under layers showing in some areas. I think it always helps to see how much of a mess someone else’s work looks, that way I don’t feel as bad when mine is at that stage 🙂

I have no title for this yet but it is the final piece for my London Art College Coloured Pencil Certificate, the brief for which is ‘people in a scene’. Hopefully you will see the people start to unfold in time.

I am adding two photos, yesterday’s and today’s you can see how much (little) work I managed to get done in about three hours.

Photo on 31-12-2015 at 14.59           Photo on 01-01-2016 at 15.46

Please excuse the photos, a dark day and an LED lamp are not the best combination at all.