Adult Colouring Books

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As well as being an artist I am also a holistic therapist and some months ago on my other blog solitarypath I wrote about Adult Colouring Books and Mindfulness. At the time I believed that they worked in the way that drawing or painting with coloured pencils did.

When I work with coloured pencils I lose myself in the work in a way that doesn’t happen with watercolour. I feel a deeper connection with the piece I am working on and I love the slowness that is needed to build the layers to create depth and strength of colour in my work. The more I work the more relaxed and calm I find I become.

On holiday recently, realising I had some long train journeys where I would need something to occupy myself, I purchased an adult colouring book and a small pack of pencils. Settling down with them I discovered that instead of relaxing me into a state of calmness being restricted by the lines filled me full of frustration. Instead of enjoying the process of creating I felt stifled, constrained and something I thought I would never say about any form of creating, I was completely and utterly bored.

I am sure these books fill a much needed gap in the market. It certainly is a market that is growing and Derwent themselves have joined the bandwagon bringing out an adult colouring book and pencil pack. I haven’t seen this yet but I suspect were I to work in it I would feel the same, although if anyone from Derwent should read this I am up for the challenge, and would be happy to be proved wrong.

Has anyone else tried these books? If so what do you think? Is it just me?