An experiment

Art, Color pencil, Colored Pencil, Colour pencil, coloured pencil, painting, Wildlife

imageI’ve been away for the last four weeks but before I went I had begun experimenting with a watercolour under painting and then working with colour pencil on top.

The background here is watercolour, some over drawn with colour pencil and the butterfly is 100% colour pencil as I wanted it to pop.

It certainly cut down the time I needed to spend working on the background but the watercolour paper, which I had thought was hot pressed and so smooth, may well be, my mistake, cold pressed and so has proved quite soft and springy to work on.

This is still not quite finished but I wanted to share it in its almost complete state. As usual I am finding it hard to decide how much more, if anything, it needs before I stop.

I will try this approach again in the future but will double check the paper I am using first.