Welcome to my art website and blog. My name is Yvonne Ryves and I am a watercolour and colour pencil artist living in West Cork, Ireland.

The buttons along the top of this page will give you access to my galleries. Here is the space that will be my blog.

I am planning to share with you whatever I am working on plus anything that is going on with me art wise.

I hope you enjoy it here.

5 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Hi, I think your WIP is great. I love big cats, and little ones. I have just recently learned a lot about Bats. I love to use watercolor. I also love beading and am working on a piece for a Bat rescue in Australia to raise funds for a little boy she named one of the Bats after. Anyway off to start my day … Elaine


    1. I love Watercolour too. Have got a bit hooked on the coloured pencils at the moment but can see myself combining them very soon 🙂

      Bats are one of my favourites. Are you painting them or rescuing them?


      1. the rescue site’s owner is helping a handicapped little boy and I’m beading some bracelets and I will be drawing them soon. I had 2 strokes last yr and I can finally use my left hand so I thought I would try beading again . I’m right handed which is a blessing in itself. it takes time to recover but I’m getting there. where are you from. i’m from NJ U.S.A. east coast…


      2. I can imagine that it is good therapy to bead and build up your strength in your left hand Elaine. As you say, a blessing you are right handed. I’m from England but am living in Co. Cork Ireland now.


      3. i’m looking forward to watching your Cheetah progress !!! I am beading on a loom so I have to use my left hand but can use right one if it doesn’t work…Elaine

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